What is Ransomware?

Ransomware.  What is Ransomware?  It’s the number one infection type for computers today.

Ransomware is exactly what it sounds like, it’s software that holds your computer and your files for ransom.  If you want your data and your computer back you will have to pay a fee that ranges from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands and up.  There are many ways to help prevent Ransomware.  Properly managed antivirus as well as user training and creating web filters are a few of them.

The most important step to protect against ransomware is a good backup system.  Your data needs to backed up several times in more than one location.  We have seen too many times where the backup system also gets compromised.  Any backup is better than no backup but the better the backup system, the better the chances are at a quick recovery.  Read our Backup vs Data Security blog to learn more about Disaster Recovery.

Since most ransomware is brought in by an employee, training is a key part to prevent infection.  With proper training and continuing education, your users can learn how to avoid and report ransomware.  Do you and your employees know how to identify phishing emails that could lead to infection?  Is the antivirus up to date and working on all of your computers and servers? Do you have any web filters in place on your network?  When was the last time you tested your backup system?

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