Everyone should have a Password Manager

Are you one of the people that uses the same password for everything?  Maybe it’s not exactly the same, so that’s how you justify it.  Sometimes I use Password1! Instead of Password1, that doesn’t make it a different password, it’s still the same.  There are a number of ways that people could get your password, which we cover in our 2FA blog post.

Once they have your password, if it’s the same password for all of your sites and apps then they can get into all of them.  Especially if you are using a weak password like the example above.  It’s obviously too difficult to have a unique, long, hard to guess password for every single thing that requires a password.  Or is it?

With a password manager you could generate passwords that look like this:  obBrZLEYEZJ$AKQyYN&4t@%StP0rgR0b&9R8eoo2L6sFoAm3V1^d3iD#@pSF8nsA

With no need to remember the password yourself, why not have a long and difficult password?  Each site you go to could have a different password like the one above.  It’s extremely important to use a strong password for your password manger and just as important to make sure you are using 2FA to login to your password manager.    When we say strong password we don’t mean it needs to be like the above password and it doesn’t need to look like P@$$w0rD! either.

The most important thing for passwords is that they are long.  Try to stop thinking of passwords as Words and instead think of them as Phrases or sentences.  For example:  pizzaismyfavoritefoodofalltime  In the example I’ve created a long password with out any other characters and it’s easy to remember since Pizza is my favorite food.

By using a properly secured password manager, you can secure all of your sites with minimum ease.  Password managers have a slew of other useful features making your passwords easily accessible to you but not to anyone else.  My persona favorite password manager is Last Pass, https://www.lastpass.com.  It has a free account for personal use or business and enterprise versions for your business.

Let us help secure your company today!